Useful Links

Linton Free Church

West End Congregational Church

City Church Cambridge

Other organizations of interest:

Prayer for Israel

Christian Publications International

Saltshakers (Hebraic Church)

Chris Hill Ministries

Phileo Yeshua – love Jesus

Chris Wren – Trumpet Sounds – a range of Bible study resources

Malcolm D. Powell – Bible word searches and word explanations:

David Pawson’s Online Teaching Library

David Pawson’s books, ebooks and audiobooks

Saltshaker books by Steve Maltz

Bible Study – Bible resources that grow your faith

In Time With God

Steve Maltz – Saffron Planet Publishing

Steve Maltz – Kesherweb

Bible Gateway (online Bible study/comparison)

Just For Catholics

How to read your bible.

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Got Questions?
 an internet site that tries to answer many basic questions about the Christian faith. Its worth checking out!

The regular UK Foundations Conferences provide a wonderful opportunity to explore the Hebraic dynamic of the Christian faith